LB Solutions is THE one stop manufacturing sourcing center that provides customers with top-quality machined components. We have created partnerships with numerous machine shops, large and small, all over the country. This has granted LB Solutions an unbelievable amount of resources and capabilities. With over 500 machinists available and every imaginable piece of equipment at our disposal, LB Solutions has a unique advantage over traditional machine shops that are limited due to work force and capabilities.

Savings is the sum result of these partnerships. With our staff’s combined 100+ years of machining experience, we break down every job and decide the type of machining required to save time and money while maintaining quality. We coordinate with our shops that have the best suited machines and open machining time. As a result, great prices and quick turn-around times are then passed on to our customers.

We understand that problems arise and time frames change all the time. That’s why we pride ourselves on getting customers out of these crunches and delivering parts when no others can.